Almost three-quarters of RTOERO members are active volunteers.

Our district is completely volunteer-led. Our dynamic volunteer team works together to offer a wide range of programs and services to our members.

Contact our president to learn more about volunteering with our district.

District 12 Norfolk volunteers jobs

Looking for a Treasurer / À la recherche d’un trésorier

District 25 SDG is looking for a Treasurer. With the help of some online training from RTOERO in Quickbooks and a Chromebook which is provided, […]

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District 25 needs a Secretary / District 25 à la recherche d’un/une secrétaire

Join our Executive as our Secretary. Primary duties include recording minutes and distributing e-mails to Executive Members and Committee Chairpersons. A couple of hours of […]

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Volunteer Driver for the Canadian Cancer Society, Wheels of Hope program

The Canadian Cancer Society, Wheels of Hope program helps people who can’t get to their cancer treatment appointments, providing trips when people need us most. […]

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District 12 Norfolk Volunteers

Name Role Email
Douglas Thompson President
Rosey Guidolin First Vice-President
Sandra Reid Second Vice-President
Janie Forsythe Secretary
Ginger Pullen Treasurer
Lorie Dertinger Member Services Coordinator
Deborah Hillner Member Services Coordinator
Carolynne Paton Member Services Coordinator
Carol De Fields Goodwill Rep
Catharine Reed Goodwill Rep
Alfred Guidolin Newsletter Editor
Margaret Payne Health Benefits Representative
Sandra Reid PAC Rep
Alfred Guidolin Web Master
Alfred Guidolin Corporate Member 1
Douglas Thompson Corporate Member 2
Rosey Guidolin Alternate 1
Peter Scovil Community Grant Rep
Alfred Guidolin RPW Organizer